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Philadelphis 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, and currently the Memphis Grizzlies so a total of 4 teams. His best years were served with the 76ers however.

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2 (2001,2005)

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just 1, this year.

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Q: How many all-star games has Allen Iverson been in?
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How long has Allen Iverson been playing?

Allen Iverson been playing since,1996.

Has Allen Iverson been in the Olympics?

Yes, Allen Iverson was a co-captain of the 2004 Olympic basketball team that won bronze in Athens.

What are some of the highlights of Allen Iverson's basketball career?

Allen Iverson, 37 years old now, has certainly had a great career in the NBA. He's been voted MVP, played for the Sixers and the Denver Duggets, and has scored a total of 24,368 points in the 914 NBA games he's played.

Were is Allen iverson?

After beginning the season with the Memphis Grizzles Allen Iverson was waived after just three games. While with Memphis he took several games off due to "personal reasons" He was later signed by the Philadelphia 76ers, his first team and the team he played several years for. Soon there after he again started to miss games due to "personal reasons." The 76ers gave him the rest of the year off. Iverson also pulled out the NBA all star weekend after being voted in as a starter by the fans. Recently it has been revealed that Iverson has gambling and drinking problems and that he is banned from Casino's in Detroit and Atlantic City.

How many All-Star games has Ray Allen been in?

Ray Allen has participated in 10 all star games.

How old is nba superstar ray Allen?


What does the tattoo say under Allen Iverson's sleave?

"Hold My Own", Soldiers head, Panther, Cru Thik, Jewelz, Bad Newz, Belief (symbol), VA's finest. Iverson says this about his soldiers tattoo: "I feel throughout my live it has been a battle, and I have survived many obstacles like a real soldier".

How many NBA all-star games has LeBron James been in?

LeBron James has played in every all star game since 2005, so six so far.

Is Allen Iverson going to retire?

The Memphis Commerical Appeal cites an unidentified source "with knowledge of the veteran guard's situation" in its report. Here is a portion of the story:Iverson left the team Saturday after receiving permission from Griz owner Michael Heisley to deal with a personal matter. The stress associated with a family issue plus Iverson's frustration over playing a reserve role might spell the end of his 14-year NBA career, according to the source.Heisley said he's not been given any indication that Iverson might be leaning towards retirement, and still is holding out hope that the 10-time All-Star will return to Memphis. ...A source close to Iverson confirmed the 34-year-old is indeed attending to a personal issue, and his discomfort with the Grizzlies also factored into the abrupt separation. Iverson appeared in three games since returning from a hamstring injury and played off the bench each time.

What happened to Iverson Ranch in Victorville the filming location for The Harvey Girls?

The only location for Iverson Ranch was in Chatsworth; the citation in Wikipedia placing it partly in Victorville is in error. The page has been corrected.

Is paul Allen mairred?

No, Paul Allen has never been married

Is paul Allen married?

No, Paul Allen has never been married.