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According to ESPN, the following players in the NFL went to Fresno State:

Bernard Berrian - Chicago Bears

David Carr - Carolina Panthers

Tyrone Culver - Green Bay Packers

Chris Denman - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Trent Dilfer - San Francisco 49ers

Vernon Fox - Washington Redskins

Adam Jennings - Atlanta Falcons

Louis Leonard - Cleveland Browns

Logan Mankins - New England Patriots

Richard Marshall - Carolina Panthers

Wendell Mathis - Minnesota Vikings

Marcus McCauley - Minnesota Vikings

Lorenzo Neal - San Diego Chargers

Michael Pittman - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bryan Robinson - Cincinnati Bengals

James Sanders - New England Patriots

Billy Volek - San Diego Chargers

Sam Williams - Oakland Raiders

Paul Williams - Tennessee Titans

Cameron Worrell - Miami Dolphins

Dwayne Wright - Buffalo Bills


Ryan Wendell Patriots (G)

Ryan Mathews- San Diego Chargers (RB)

Seji Ajirotutu- San Diego Chargers(WR)

Chastin West- Green Bay (WR) ***(currently practice team)

Clifton Smith- Miami Dolphins (RB, KR) ***(#1 kick Returner in '08-'09 season with 49ers)

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Kevin Sweeney, Trent dilfer, Paul pinegar, Tom brandstater, David Carr, billy volek

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Q: How many active players in the NFL played at Fresno State University?
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