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According to ESPN, the following active NFL players (2008) attended to San Diego State: 1) Antwan Applewhite - San Diego Chargers

2) Will Demps - Houston Texans

3) Heath Farwell - Minnesota Vikings

4) Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila - Green Bay Packers

5) La'Roi Glover - St. Louis Rams

6) Freddie Keiaho - Indianapolis Colts

7) Matt McCoy - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8) Kirk Morrison - Oakland Raiders

9) Kevin O'Connell - New England Patriots

10) Kassim Osgood - San Diego Chargers

11) Chester Pitts - Houston Texans

12) William Robinson - Seattle Seahawks

13) Brian Russell - Seattle Seahawks

14) Ephraim Salaam - Houston Texans

15) Chaz Schilens - Oakland Raiders

16) Tyler Schmitt - Seattle Seahawks

17) Jeff Webb - Kansas City Chiefs

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Q: How many active NFL players played at San Diego State University?
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