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There are many victorias in the worl but only 1 is important. The Victoria who created and shared her secret. VICTORIAS SECRET

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Q: How many Victoria's in the world?
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What is the population of Victorias capital city?

it is a world

How many Queen Victorias were there?


The limited brands owns Victoria's Secret?

yes limited brands is the parent company of many brands including but not limited to victorias secret, pink by victorias secret, vsx (the victorias secret sport line), and victorias secret beauty

How many of Queen Victorias grandkids outlived her?


When was Las Victorias created?

Las Victorias was created in 1980.

When was Montreal Victorias created?

Montreal Victorias was created in 1877.

What war was fought during queen victorias reign?

world war 9

What is Victorias highest mountain?

victorias highest tower is Mountt Bogong

What is the plural of Victoria?

The plural noun is Victorias. Example: There are two Victorias in my class.

During Victorias reign many people moved from the countryside to the towns?


How many of queen Victorias children are still alive?

None.They all died

What was Queen Victorias first language?

queen victorias first language was German

Is victorias justice preganet?


How many times has Winnpeg won the Stanley Cup?

Winnipeg has won the Stanley Cup 3 times. 1896 Winnipeg Victorias 1901 Winnipeg Victorias 1902 Winnipeg Victorias Neither the current incarnation of the Winnipeg Jets nor the previous one has won a Stanley Cup.

How many vampires are in Victorias new born army by the time they get to forks?

around 15-20

How many Queen Victorias of England were there?

The United Kingdom has only had one Queen Victoria.

Who is text 0000877465?

victorias secret

Who was victorias eldest son?


Who is Raymond?

The founder of Victorias Secret. [:

how many prime ministers came to power during queen victorias regin?

10 different ones

What actors and actresses appeared in Victorias Story - 2013?

The cast of Victorias Story - 2013 includes: Kerryann White as Victoria Robertson

When is Andre from victorias birthday?

August 1,1993

What is victorias real sister's name?


Who is Queen Victorias husband?

Prince Albert

Queen Victorias name?

Her name was Victoria.