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260 athletes have gone on to play professional football in the NFL

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Q: How many University of Miami Florida college football players have gone on to play in the NFL?
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What SEC college football team has had the most arrested players?

University of Florida

Where have the most university football players been arrested?

The University of Miami (Florida)

What state are most college football players from?

California or Florida

How many of University of Miami Florida football players have been arrested in the last 20 years done?

11 players.

What percentage of high school football players get college football scholarships?

Only about about 2 percent of high school football players receive college scholarships "well about 20% of high school football players get college football scholarships." "martin alberts College Florida" is incorrect.

What percentage of football players graduate from Florida state university?


What state has the most college football players drafted into the nfl?


Which college football team has the most players drafted in 2009?

The University of Southern California with 11 players.

What HBCU college has sent more football players to the NFL?

Howard University

College football program with most NFL players ever?

Oklahoma University

What college football team had 44 players go to the NFL?

Ohio State University

What college has the most pro football players from it?


When was University College Players created?

University College Players was created in 1941.

How many current or former University of Florida football players have been arrested?

Type your answer here... 122

Which college football team has sent the most players to the NFL Florida gators or Miami hurricanes?


Do all college football players get to play in the NFL?

No. Not all college football players go to the NFL, not even all division 3 college football players go into the NFL

What has the author Mark Schlabach written?

Mark Schlabach has written: 'What it means to be a Seminole' -- subject(s): Anecdotes, Florida State Seminoles (Football team), Florida State University, Football, Football players, History

What college has produced the most All American football players?

University of Southern California - 156 as of 2008 university of oklahoma-142

How much do college football players make?

It is against the NCAA Rules to pay college football players, therefore, college football players make $0 per year until they get to the pros.

College football players GPA?

GPA to play college football

Which college team has the most NFL football players on the 2009 roster?

(DNU) D's Nuts University

How many college football teams do not have players names on the back of their jerseys?

1 drake university of Iowa

What Percent of college football players that get drafted?

Approximately 7% of all college football players get drafted into the NFL.

Was Alabama one of the first major college to have black football players?

The first black football player in the SEC played for The University of Tennessee

What percentage of high school football players go on to play college football?

5.7 percent of highschool senior football players will go on to college football.