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Q: How many Times brighter are blue super-giants compared to the sun?
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Which two groups of stars can have similar brightness?

Blue Supergiants and Supergiants

What temperature do blue to red supergiants?

blue and red supergiant temparutes are 10000000000000 degrees celsius

What is the song on the Blue Cross Blue Shield commercial that goes Brighter than sunshine?

Aqualung, "Brighter than sunshine". Aqualung, "Brighter than sunshine".

How big are blue whales compared to humans?

a blue whale is twenty times bigger than a human.

Are blue eyes brighter in the sun?

Blue eyes are usually bright in appearance. They may appear even brighter if you see them in the natural sunlight.

What is the difference between royal blue and blue?

Royal blue is a shade lighter and brighter than blue.

If a star is more massive than your sun what colour will it look?

They could be Blue Giants, or Red Giants, or Red Supergiants.

Is a hot star blue and fainter or blue and brighter?

It is brighter because it is emitting more gasses at a faster rate than other sized main sequence stars.

Difference between cobalt blue and royal blue?

Royal is a bit lighter and brighter

What is the Uyghur Lucky Color?

i think brighter sky blue

Why are most detergents blue?

The blue color makes white cloth look whiter/ brighter.

What color eye liner makes blue eyes brighter?

Light blue and yellow!