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Q: How many Tim Tebow football jerseys have been sold?
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How many Tebow jerseys were sold in 2011?

2 million

How many Times was Tim Tebow a team captain for the football team at the University of Florida?

Tim Tebow was selected captain of the Florida Gators Football team twice, in 2008 and 2009.

How many ncaa championships did tebow win?

With Tebow at Florida they went 48-7. As a starter he was 35-6.

How many rookie quarterbacks have been to the playoffs?

Tim Tebow

How many years Tim Tebow has been playing?


How many Hesiman Trophy winners does the Florida gators college football had and who are they?

They have 3. Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, and Tim Tebow.

What colors are Minnesota Vikings jerseys?

The Minnesota Vikings are a football team. The jerseys are purple, white and yellow. This tam is a highly valued team for many communities, they doe charity events for kids and raise money for other events.

How many jerseys do nhl players get a game?

They get 2 jerseys a game.

How many champinship does Tim Tebow have?


How many football Super Bowls had been held by 1981?

How many football Super Bowls had been held in 1981

Does walmart sell basketball jerseys?

Walmart does sell basketball jerseys. They sell a variety of teams jerseys and they come in many different sizes and colors, depending on the team.

What types of sports gear can one purchase at the Football Fanatics website?

Football Fanatics sells many types of sports gear on it's website. Some types of sports gear sold at Football Fanatics include ball caps, tee-shirts, jerseys, sports equipment, and collectables.