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No good ones. :)

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Q: How many Texas longhorns are in the NFL?
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How many former Texas Longhorns are in the NFL?


How many Texas alumni have been drafted into the NFL in the last 10 years?

From 2000-2009, 41 Longhorns have been drafted.

What are longhorns habitat?

Texas. Texas longhorns duuhhh.

Is Texas A and M the Longhorns?

incorrect, they are the Aggies, University of Texas is the Longhorns

Who did vince young play for?

In college he played for the Texas Longhorns, and in the NFL he's played for the Tennessee Titans.

How many football championships does Texas longhorns have?


What NCAA school has the most popular apparel?

Answer Texas longhorns!Texas longhorns!

When was Texas Longhorns football created?

Texas Longhorns football was created in 1893.

What will colt McCoy do this season will he stay or go to the NFL draft?

No he will finish the season and stay with his beloved University of Texas Longhorns...

How many hesiman trophies has Texas longhorns won?


How many people love Texas longhorns?

2 many 2 count

After the texas longhorns what happened to Jordan shiply.?

After the Texas Longhorns Jordan Shipley went to the Cincinnati Bengals.