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Too many to count. Go Texas

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Q: How many Texas high school quarterbacks play major college?
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What department at Texas A and M should be taken to become a veterinarian?

To become a veterinarian at Texas A&M (or any vet school), you need to be accepted to the college or school of veterinary medicine and major in veterinary medicine.

What major university is located in college station Texas?

Texas A&M

Is there a list of Texas Longhorn quarterbacks?

Garrett Gilbert,Colt McCoy,Vince Young,Chris Simms, Major Applewhite, James Brown, Peter Gardere

Is there a college in Texas that offers a photography major?

University of north texas Texas A&M- commerce Sam Houston State University.

Can you name a University or College with championship in every major sport?

University of Texas

How and where can I received courses for a Texas real estate school administrator?

Real Estate certifications are available at most colleges for the business degrees. Real Estate is a major industry and is also a college major, especially considering the current state of the market.

What should your major be if going to school for pediatrics?

premedicine in college then medicine.

What is a major college in Virginia?

uva is an awsome school i suggest to go there

What courses would you take in college for a school counselor?

Most school counselors major in clinical psychology.

What do you do after high school to become an ultrasound tech?

Go to college major in biology and go to nursing school

What city are the Texas aggies?

The main campus of Texas A&M is in College Station. They have other campuses throughout the state. Galveston was the first major out cropping.

Can you major in 2 thing in high school?

usually not done that way, you get a pre-college education or vocational tech education. There really is no major in high school.