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There are five test matches played in each Ashes.Until now,326 ashes matches have been played.

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Q: How many Test matches are there in the Ashes?
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How many overs are in the ashes?

5 day test matches

How many tests are in the ashes series?

In total there are 5 test matches in the ashes series. But, in the 1997 Series 6 tests were played.

Why are the England- Australia test cricket matches called the ashes?

The trophy they play for is the ashes of the stumps from the first test match, in a tiny urn

How many runs did don bradman score in ashes matches against England?

How many runs did Don Bradman score in Ashes matches against England

What test matches are the Australian cricketers due to play in the next three years?

ashes test series against england

Why is there sometimes a sixth test in the ashes?

It all depends on how much time they have and what other matches they have to fit in.

How many matches are there usually in an Ashes series?

There are usually 5.

How many test matches Anil kumble has played?

132 Test matches

Who is England's 2010 cricket captain?

Andrew Strauss in Test matches and ODI (One Day Internationals) Paul Colingwood in 20/20 over matches, he has now retired in Test matches in Australia where England won the Ashes 2011

Who won the ashes in1998 in Australia?

England didn't win any ashes series between 1987 and 2005.Australia won the 1998-99 Ashes series.Australia won three test matches, England won one test match and the other was drawn

How many Test matches have India played?

As of January 2011, India have participated in 457 Test matches.

How many test matches did Pakistan played in 2004?

Pakistan has played 9 test matches in 2004.

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