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After the loss in Arizona Brett Favre has just over 490 Touchdown passes. About 430 of those were with the Green Bay Packers. That game in Arizona was another milestone for Brett Favre. He broke the record for most consecutive starts in a row. Including playoffs Brett has like 305 in a row. To learn more on Brett email me at i would love to hear your opinion about Brett Favre who is now 10-2 as a Minnesota Viking.

After the Win at home Brett Favre has 497 touchdown passes. And 433 of those were with the Green Bay Packers. The game at the HH Metordome Brett had just another Milestone in his legendary carrer. He trew his 6,000 pass that was caught. So now he has 6,015 caught passes in his carrer. To know more about Brett Favre and keep up with his States email me at and the Vikings are now 11-2 going into the Panthers game later tonight at 7:15. GO VIKINGS

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Q: How many TD passes does Brett Favre have?
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Brett Favre td passes?


How many touchdown passes does Brett Favre have entering the 2007 season?

Brett Favre entered the 2007 season with 414 TD passes.

Which NFL quarterback holds the record for most TD passes?

Favre Brett Favre

What is Brett Favre's career high for touchdowns in a single season?

Brett Favre's season high for TD passes is 39 in the 1996 season.

Who caught the most touchdown passes from Brett Favre?

antonio freeman caught 57 td passes

How many touchdowns did Brett Favre throw in his career with the packers?

442 TD passes for the Packers from 1992-2007.

Which QB set a record for most TD passes for the Green Bay Packers?

Brett Favre

How many TDs does Brett Favre have in the 2007-08 season?

Through 8 games of the 2007-08 season, Favre has thrown 13 TD passes.

How many 1 yard TD passes has Brett Favre thrown?

He threw his 35th on 10/5/09 against the Packers

Which quarterback has thrown the most TD passes in NFL history?

Brett Favre currently holds this record having thrown 442 touchdown passes in his career.

How many touchdown passes does Brett Favre have?

After the win over the Bears,( Vikings-36, Bears-10) Brett has 490 td passes in his life as a legend.....That game Brett passed for 3 td passes and passed for 392 yards. Brett's highest game was 402 yards passing, but the Vikings head coach Brad Childress took Brett out of the game just over 6minutes to play.....Too know and learn more about Brett Favre email me at will like to listen to your opinion about Brett to. So please email me!

Who did the 99 TD pass?

Brett Favre on a Monday night in Chicago

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