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As of the 2007 season, 2. Harrison was a member of the Patriots that won Super Bowls XXXVIII and XXXIX. He played with the Chargers the season that the Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI.

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Q: How many Super Bowls has Rodney Harrison won with the Patriots?
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How many Super bowls has Rodney Harrison played in?

4 (1 as a Charger and 3 as a Patriot).

Who intercepted Donovan McNabb to seal the Patriots win in Super Bowl 39?

Rodney Harrison.

Who had the winning interception for the Patriots in the 2005 Super Bowl?

Rodney Harrison intercepted a Donovan McNabb pass with 9 seconds left in the game to seal the victory for the Patriots. It was Harrison's second interception of the game.

How many Super Bowls have the Patriots gone to?

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How may Super Bowl have the patriots won?

the patriots have won three super bowls

Did the colts ever play the patriots in a super bowl?

No, the Patriots have not won 4 Super Bowls, they've won 3 and lost 3.

How many Super Bowls has the New England Patriots won with Adam?

The Patriots won three Super Bowls with kicker Adam Vinateri.

Has New England won 4 Super Bowls?

No, the patriots have won 3 super bowls

How many Super Bowls does the patriots?


Will the patriots ever win the Super Bowl?

The Patriots have already won three Super Bowls.

How many Super Bowls have the N E Patriots won?

They won 4 or 5 super bowls

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The Raiders and the Patriots.