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The Washington Redskins have appeared in the Super Bowl five times, winning three NFL championships. The team's victories are in bold:

  • Super Bowl VII (1-14-73) -- Miami Dolphins 14, Washington 7.
  • Super Bowl XVII (1-30-83) -- Washington 27, Miami 17.
  • Super Bowl XVIII (1-22-84) -- Los Angeles Raiders 38, Washington 9.
  • Super Bowl XXII (1-31-88) -- Washington 42, Denver Broncos 10.
  • Super Bowl XXVI (1-26-92) -- Washington 37, Buffalo Bills 24.
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The Washington Redskins have played in 5 Superbowls, winning 3 and losing 2.

SuperBowl # Date Washington Coach

VII 1/4/73(L) Miami 14 Washington 7 George Allen

XVII 1/30/83(W) Washington 27 Miami 17 Joe Gibbs

XVIII 1/20/84(L) LA Raiders 38 Washington 7 Joe Gibbs

XXII 1/31/88(W) Washington 42 Denver 10 Joe Gibbs

XXVI 1/26/92(W) Washington 37 Buffalo 24 Joe Gibbs

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The Pittsburgh Steelers, who share the record with the Dallas Cowboys for Super Bowl appearances with eight, have won an unprecedented six times. Here are the results (victories in bold):

  • Super Bowl IX (1-12-75) -- Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota Vikings 6.
  • Super Bowl X (1-18-76) -- Pittsburgh 21, Dallas Cowboys 17.
  • Super Bowl XIII (1-21-79) -- Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31.
  • Super Bowl XIV (1-20-80) -- Pittsburgh 31, Los Angeles Rams 19.
  • Super Bowl XXX (1-28-96) -- Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17.
  • Super Bowl XL (2-5-06) -- Pittsburgh 21, Seattle Seahawks 10.
  • Super Bowl XLIII (2-1-09) -- Pittsburgh 27, Arizona Cardinals 23.
  • Super Bowl XLV (2-6-11) -- Green Bay Packers 31, Pittsburgh 25.
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The Washington Redskins played in 5 Super Bowls and won 3.

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Steelers-5 Super Bowls 1975, 1976,1979, 1980 and 2006 Redskins 3 Super Bowls 1983, 1988, 1992

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Q: How many Super Bowls do redskins have how many do steelers have?
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How many Super Bowls do Redskins win?

The Redskins won 3 super bowls

Wow many super bowls did redskins win?

The Washington Redskins won 3 Super Bowls and lost 2.

How many super bowls do redskins have?


Before Super Bowls were called Super Bowls how many did the Pittsburgh Steelers win?

Prior to the 'Super Bowl Era', the Steelers won zero championships.

How many Super Bowls has Joe Gibbs won with the Redskins?

3 Super Bowls ... XVII, XXII, and XXVI.

How many super bowls had the steelers played in?

8 I think

How many Super Bowls have the colts and Pittsburgh Steelers won?

Colts:2 Steelers:6

Who won most Super Bowls and how many?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have Won six Super Bowls dating back to the Seventies.

How many Super Bowls did roy gerela win?

3 ... Super Bowls IX, X, and XIII with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

How many Super Bowls did the Pittsburgh Steelers win in the 2000s?

The Steelers won two Super Bowls in the 2000's.XL - February 5, 2006XLIII - February 1, 2009

How many times did the redskins win super bowl?

The Washington Redskins won three (3) Super Bowls (1982, 1987, 1991).

How many Super Bowls did steelers lose?

2 (1996, 2011).