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they have won 5 super bowls

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Q: How many Super Bowls did the cow boys win?
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Who is the better team the cow boys or bears?

COW BOYS! Because they won more super bowls

How many super bowls appearances did the dallas cow boy makes?

The Dallas Cowboys have been to 8 Super Bowls. They are 5-3 in Super Bowl play.

How many times have the cow boys been in the Super Bowl?

they have been to the super bowl 8 times, and won 5

Who did the 49'ers play in the 1994 super bowl?

the cow boys baby lol :P

When did the cow boys last play in the super bowl?

In Super Bowl XXX in January 1996. The Cowboys defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17.

Is there cow boys in America?

no but there is cat boys

What team did emmitt smith like better Arizona cardnols or the dalas cow boys?

dllas cow boys

What are the release dates for The Cow Boys - 1924?

The Cow Boys - 1924 was released on: USA: 10 February 1924

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what is the answer to: MILK IS TO COW AS WOOL IS TO sheep.

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no they do not or cow boys

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What are the release dates for Indiens et cow-boys - 1904?

Indiens et cow-boys - 1904 was released on: France: 1904 USA: 3 September 1904

What actors and actresses appeared in Les cow boys sont noirs - 1966?

The cast of Les cow boys sont noirs - 1966 includes: Djingarey Malga as himself Boubacar Souna as himself

How many Super Bowls has the cow boys won?

The Dallas Cowboys have played in a record eight Super Bowls and won five times (victories in bold):Super Bowl V (1-17-71) -- Baltimore Colts 16, Dallas 13.Super Bowl VI (1-16-72) -- Dallas 24, Miami Dolphins 3.Super Bowl X (1-18-76) -- Pittsburgh Steelers 21, Dallas 17.Super Bowl XII (1-15-78) -- Dallas 27, Denver Broncos 10.Super Bowl XIII (1-21-79) -- Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31.Super Bowl XXVII (1-31-93) -- Dallas 52, Buffalo Bills17.Super Bowl XXVIII (1-30-94) -- Dallas 30, Buffalo 13.Super Bowl XXX (1-28-96) -- Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17.

Who do you think is going to win 49ers or cow boys?

The Cowboys

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cow boys fan

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