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Three - all in the 2000's.

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Q: How many Super Bowls did the New England Patriots win in past 50 years?
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Who won the most Super Bowls in the past 15 years?

New England Patriots

What NFL teams have 3 Super Bowls in 4 years?

Two teams have won three Super Bowls in four years: 1) Dallas Cowboys - Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX 2) New England Patriots - Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX

How many other teams have own at least three super bowls in six years?

The New England Patriots.

Which NFL teams have won 3 Super Bowls in 4 years?

1) Dallas Cowboys - won Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX. 2) New England Patriots - won Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX.

How many years did the patriots win the patriots win the Super Bowl in roman numeral form?

The Patriots have won III Super Bowls.

What NFL teams went to three Super Bowl in four years?

Through Super Bowl XLIII (bold equals Super Bowls won):1) Miami Dolphins - Super Bowls VI, VII, and VIII2) Minnesota Vikings - Super Bowls VIII, IX, and XI3) Dallas Cowboys - Super Bowls X, XII, and XIII4) Denver Broncos - Super Bowls XXI, XXII, and XXIV5) Buffalo Bills - Super Bowls XXV, XXVI, XXVII, and XXVIII6) Dallas Cowboys - Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX7) New England Patriots - Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX

Who is the youngest quarterback to win two Super Bowls?

Through Super Bowl XLVII, that is Tom Brady (born August 3, 1977) of the New England Patriots who was 26 years, 182 days old when he won his second Super Bowl with the Patriots (Super Bowl XXXVIII which was played February 1, 2004).

What years did Bill Belichick win three Super Bowls as New Englands head coach?

Bill Belichick directed the Patriots to victories in Super Bowls XXXVI (2001), XXXVIII (2003) and XXXIX (2004).

How many super bowls have the patriots been to in the last ten years?

The Patriots have had playoff appearances in the following years:2001 - won Super Bowl XXXVI2003 - won Super Bowl XXXVIII2004 - won Super Bowl XXXIX2005 - lost Division Championship Game2006 - lost AFC Championship Game2007 - lost Super Bowl XLII

Why is Tom Brady the best football player?

He has helped the Patriots win 3 Super Bowls in 4 years.

What is a football dynasty?

To be a dynasty you have to dominate the sport for multiple seasons. The Patriots became a Dynasty after winning 3 Super Bowls in four years. The Bills could be considered a Dynasty for going to 4 straight Super Bowls

What years have the patriots won Super Bowls?

The New England Patriots have lost four of their record nine Super Bowl appearances. They have won five times. The Patriots' four losses occurred in the following contests:Super Bowl XX (1-26-86) -- Chicago 46, New England 10.Super Bowl XXXI (1-26-97) -- Green Bay 35, New England 21.Super Bowl XLII (2-3-08) -- New York Giants 17, New England 14.Super Bowl XLVI (2-5-12) -- New York Giants 21, New England 17.