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Q: How many Super Bowls did the Cowboys win in the 90s?
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What player has played in the most Super Bowls on the losing team?

Jim Kelly and everybody from the early 90s Bills.

Who was the coach when dallas 3 Super Bowls in the 90s?

Jimmy Johnson for 2, Barry Switzer for the other 1.

How many Super Bowl appearances did the cowboys have in the 90s?

In 1992 at Super Bowl 27 the Cowboys played the Buffalo Bills in Pasadena. The Cowboys beat the Bills 52 to 17. The Cowboys then again the following year in 1993 faced the Bills once again. The Cowboys would come away with another victory in a 30 to 13 defeat of the Bills in Atlanta. For the Third and last time in the 90's the Cowboys would face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 30 in 1995. They defeat the Steelers 27 to 17 in Tempe Arizona and end the decade of the 90's with a total of three Super Bowl appearances and three Super Bowl wins.

How many Super Bowls does Dallas has?

The Dallas Cowboys have won a total of 5 Super Bowls. In 70s, Landry led the team with good talents to 2 Super Bowl In 80s, they were plain piece of sh!t (Danny White the choker) In 90s, they were lucky to have Emmitt Smith (Troy Aikman? BullSh!t) and won 3 Super Bowls (against choking team Bills (2 times) and lucky Steelers In 00s, they were sh!tting until they hit (at least they think) the jackpot w/ nobody named Tony Romo, who's turnover god (51 Turnovers in 29 Starts). Without TO, his stat would have been a BS, and Cowboys, too, would have been a BS. Oh, you guys will go nowhere in P/O because you guys are chokers, like Danny White and 80s Cowsh!ts.

Which NFL player scored the most touchdowns in the decade of the 90s?

emmitt smith of the Dallas cowboys

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Dallas Cowboys record in the 90s?

100-60 in the regular season, 12-5 in the playoffs, three Superbowl titles.

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