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1 in Super Bowl 36 against the Rams

3 in Super Bowl 38 against the Panthers

2 in Super Bowl 39 against the Eagles

1 in a Super Bowl loss in Super Bowl 42 against the Giants

2 in a second Super Bowl loss to the Giants in Super Bowl 46

9 TD passes in 5 Super Bowl appearances for Tom Brady

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Brady ended the 2007 regular season with 50 TD passes, a new NFL record breaking the old record of Peyton Manning who threw 49 in 2004.

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None because he was injured in the first game of the season against the Chiefs

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None he got injured week 1 of the 2008 season

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Q: How many Super Bowl touchdown passes have Tom Brady thrown?
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How many touchdown passes has doug Williams thrown in his Super Bowl career?


Who holds the record for most touchdown passes?

Well to specify, Tom Brady holds the record for the most touchdown passes in season with 50. Brett Favre holds the record for the most touchdown passes in a career with 464.Brett Favre has 490td passes in his career. Tom Brady has 50 in a season. That season the Patorits went 16-0 and went to the Super Bowl that year and lost to the New York Giants.

Who threw the first touchdown in Super Bowl 44?

The first touchdown thrown in Super Bowl 44 was thrown by Peyton Manning to Pierre Garcon in the first quarter.

Who was the last Michigan alum to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl?

Tom Brady

Who had four touchdown passes in one Super Bowl?

none of your buisness!

Career Super Bowl touchdown passes?

Joe Montana - 11

What NFL quarterback has thrown the most touchdown in Super Bowl?

Brett Favre

How many interceptions has Tom Brady thrown in Super Bowl competition?

Tom Brady has thrown a total of 103 interceptions in his entire NFL regular season career. In the Playoffs he has thrown a total of 18 bringing the grand total to 121. He has thrown 254 regular season touchdowns and an additional 28 touchdowns in the post season. The most interceptions Brady has thrown an entire season is 14 which he has done three times. In the year the Patriots went 16-0 Brady threw 50 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions. The man is a football GOD!

5 quarter back thrown touch down passes in 3 super bowls?

John Elway, Troy Aikman,Joe Montana,Terry Bradshaw and Tom Brady.

How many tochdown passes does Tom Brady have in Super Bowls?


What Bengals receiver who caught 2 touchdown passes in Super Bowl?

TE Dan Ross in Super Bowl XVI

What NFL quarterbacks have thrown 4 touchdown passes in 1 game?

doug Williams of the Washington redskind vs the denver broncos. don't remember the year.AnswerIn Super Bowl XXII in 1988, Williams threw TD passes to Ricky Sanders (2), Gary Clark, and Clint Didier in the second quarter of the game won by the Redskins 42-10.