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Zero, Tony Romo has not played for a Super Bowl. He has four playoff appearances, but only one win.

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Q: How many Super Bowl rings does Tony Romo have?
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How many Super Bowl does tony romo have?

Zero, Tony Romo has not played for a Super Bowl. He has four playoff appearances, but only one win.

Will Tony Romo win a super bowl?


Has Tony Romo ever been to Super Bowl?


Has Tony Romo ever played in a super bowl game?


Has Tony Romo won a Super Bowl?

No, he hasn't and Romo has actually never played for a Super Bowl in his career so far. To date, Tony Romo has made four playoff appearances and has only won one of them.

How many super bowls has Tony Romo been to?

As of June 2014, Tony Romo has never been to any Super Bowl games. He has signed with the Dallas Cowboys until 2019.

In how many Super Bowls have the Cowboys appeared with Tony Romo as quarterback?

None. The last time the Dallas Cowboys appeared in the Super Bowl was in January 1996, when Tony Romo was 15 years old.

Is Tony Romo ever going to win a super bowl?

Yes at least once for sure

How many super bowls did Tony Romo go to?

Tony Romo has gone to 0 Super Bowls.

How many Super Bowl contests has Tony Romo won?

The longtime Cowboys quarterback, whose playoff record was 2-4, never played in a Super Bowl.

How many Super Bowls has Tony Romo won?

Since becoming the Dallas Cowboys' starting quarterback in 2006, Tony Romo has participated in a Super Bowl. During the course of his career Romo has appeared in four playoff games, winning one and losing three.

How many Super Bowl rings does Tony Dorsett have?

Tony Dorsett has ONE Super Bowl ring. From Super Bowl XII. Tony Dorsett became the first football player in history to win an NCAA National Championship one year (with the University of Pittsburgh Panthers) and a Super Bowl the next.

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