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The Miami Dolphins have won two Super Bowl titles in their five appearances. Super Bowl VI

Dallas Cowboys - 24 (Roger Staubach, United States Naval Academy)

Miami Dolphins - 3 (Bob Griese, Purdue)

Location: Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, LA

Date: 1/16/1972

MVP: Roger Staubach, QB, Dallas

Head Coaches:

DAL - Tom Landry

MIA - Don Shula Super Bowl VII

Miami Dolphins - 14 (Bob Griese, Purdue)

Washington Redskins - 7 (Billy Kilmer, UCLA)

Location: Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA

Date: 1/14/1973

MVP: Jake Scott, S, Miami

Head Coaches:

MIA - Don Shula

WAS - George Allen Super Bowl VIII

Miami Dolphins - 24 (Bob Griese, Purdue)

Minnesota Vikings - 7 (Fran Tarkenton, University of Georgia)

Location: Rice Stadium, Houston TX

Date: 1/13/1974

MVP: Larry Csonka, RB, Miami

Head Coaches:

MIA - Don Shula

MIN - Bud Grant Super Bowl XVII

Washington Redskins - 27 (Joe Theismann, Notre Dame)

Miami Dolphins - 17 (David Woodley, Louisianna State)

Location: Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA

Date: 1/30/1983

MVP: John Riggins, RB, Washington

Head Coaches:

WAS - Joe Gibbs

MIA - Don Shula Super Bowl XIX

San Francisco 49ers - 38 (Joe Montana, Notre Dame)

Miami Dolphins - 16 (Dan Marino, Pittsburgh)

Location: Stanford Stadium, Palo Alto, CA

Date: 1/20/1985

MVP: Joe Montana, QB, San Fransisco

Head Coaches:

SF - Bill Walsh

MIA - Don Shula

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Q: How many Super Bowl rings do the dolphins have?
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