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Two. 1985 they year they won and 2006 when the lost.

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Q: How many Super Bowl games have the Chicago Bears appeared in?
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How many games did the Chicago Bears play in 1985?

In 1985, the Chicago Bears played 19 total games, and were the Super Bowl champions. They finished with a 15-1 regular season record and were 3-0 in the playoffs.

Which radio stations air Chicago Bears games?

All of the Chicago Bears games can be heard on CBS radio. The games are also broadcast on the Chicago radio station 780 WBBM AM. The Chicago Bears games are also broadcast in Spanish on PR Newswire.

How many games did the Chicago Bears win during the pre-Super Bowl from 1933 to 1965?

The Bears have won 9 championships games in all. Only 1 was a Superbowl so the answer is 8.

How many games did the Chicago Bears win?

The Chicago Bears have won this year 13 and lost 3 I believe :-)

NFL who has played the most games?

Chicago Bears

Who was on the 1963 Chicago Bears roster?

Click on the '1963 Chicago Bears' link below to see the roster of the '63 Bears along with stats and games played.

What football team has won the most games?

Chicago bears

How many times have the bears won a football game?

The Chicago Bears have won 677 games.

Which university hosted the Chicago Bears' home games in 2002?

During the 2002 Soldier Field re-construction, the Chicago Bears played their home games in nearby Champaign, Illinois

In which state do the Chicago Bears play their home football games?


Have the Chicago Bears ever played two games in one day?


What football teams play home games in cities located in Ohio Chicago Bears Detroit LionsCincinnati Bears?

It is the Cincinnati Bears.

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