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Four. One as backup QB for the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl IV, one as an assistant coach for the Raiders in Super Bowl XI, and two as head coach of the Raiders in Super Bowls XV and XVIII.

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Q: How many Super Bowl events did Tom Flores win?
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Why was tom flores important?

NFL coach Tom Flores is important due to the fact he coached two NFL Raider teams to two Super Bowl wins in the 1980's. The importance of this was Flores was the FIRST and only minority coach of Mexican-American descent to do so until decades later, when one other minority coach won a Super Bowl. The fact that Flores was a minority NFL coach to win not just one, but two Super Bows is hugely important in the history of the NFL. The fact is Flores was a trailblazing minority NFL coach, who coached at a time when there were very few opportunities for any minority coach, much less one of Mexican-American descent, is hugely significant. Many will agree Flores coaching two teams to Super Bowl wins basically contributed to opening many doors and opportunities for other minority coaches and front office personnel. Many followers including media and past coaches and players have argued for Tom Flores induction into the NFL Hall of Fame due to his contributions to the game of football in the NFL.

How many wins for NO saints Super Bowl?

saints have been to one super bowl and they won that super bowl.

How many people have won Super Bowls as a player and a head coach?

1) Mike Ditka was a player on the Dallas Cowboys team that won Super Bowl VI and head coach of the Chicago Bears that won Super Bowl XX. 2) Tom Flores was a player on the Kansas City Chiefs that won Super Bowl IV and head coach of the Raiders that won Super Bowls XV and XVIII. 3) Tony Dungy was a player on the Pittsburgh Steelers that won Super Bowl XIII and head coach of the Indianapolis Colts that won Super Bowl XLI.

How many Super Bowl rings does aaron rodger have?

Aaron Rodgers has one Super Bowl ring from Super Bowl XLV.

How many Super Bowl MVP's has Tom Brady won?

Two, in 2001 (Super Bowl XXXVI) and in 2003 (Super Bowl XXXVIII).

How many Super Bowl wins do the Green Bay packers win?

Four- Super Bowl I (1), Super Bowl II (2), Super Bowl XXXI (31), and Super Bowl XLV (45).

How many Super Bowl does the Cowboys have won?

5 super bowl wins

How many Super Bowl appearances for the colts?

the Indianapolis colts will appear in the super bowl for the fourth time in super bowl 44

How many times has the super bowl coin toss shown tails?

The Super Bowl Coin Toss has come up Tails 23 times in 47 Super Bowls (48.9%).1967 Super Bowl 1 Heads1968 Super Bowl 2 Tails1969 Super Bowl 3 Heads1970 Super Bowl 4 Tails1971 Super Bowl 5 Tails1972 Super Bowl 6 Heads1973 Super Bowl 7 Heads1974 Super Bowl 8 Heads1975 Super Bowl 9 Tails1976 Super Bowl 10 Heads1977 Super Bowl 11 Tails1978 Super Bowl 12 Heads1979 Super Bowl 13 Heads1980 Super Bowl 14 Heads1981 Super Bowl 15 Tails1982 Super Bowl 16 Tails1983 Super Bowl 17 Tails1984 Super Bowl 18 Heads1985 Super Bowl 19 Tails1986 Super Bowl 20 Tails1987 Super Bowl 21 Tails1988 Super Bowl 22 Heads1989 Super Bowl 23 Tails1990 Super Bowl 24 Heads1991 Super Bowl 25 Heads1992 Super Bowl 26 Heads1993 Super Bowl 27 Heads1994 Super Bowl 28 Tails1995 Super Bowl 29 Heads1996 Super Bowl 30 Tails1997 Super Bowl 31 Heads1998 Super Bowl 32 Tails1999 Super Bowl 33 Tails2000 Super Bowl 34 Tails2001 Super Bowl 35 Tails2002 Super Bowl 36 Heads2003 Super Bowl 37 Tails2004 Super Bowl 38 Tails2005 Super Bowl 39 Tails2006 Super Bowl 40 Tails2007 Super Bowl 41 Heads2008 Super Bowl 42 Tails2009 Super Bowl 43 Heads2010 Super Bowl 44 Heads2011 Super Bowl 45 Heads2012 Super Bowl 46 Heads2013 Super Bowl 47 Heads

How many times have the Baltimore Ravens lost the Super Bowl?

They have never lost in the Super Bowl. They won in both Super Bowl XXXV (2009) and Super Bowl XLVII (2013).

How many super bowls has aaron rogers won?

Aaron Rodgers has won 1 Super Bowl, Super Bowl 45. He was also Super Bowl 45 MVP.

How many times did the patriets make the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XXSuper Bowl XXXISuper Bowl XXXVISuper Bowl XXXVIIISuper Bowl XXXIXSuper Bowl XLII