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Q: How many Stanley cups did the rocket Richard and the pocket rocket Richard win together?
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Was the rocket Richard a relative of Henri Richard?

Yes, Henri Richard is the Pocket Rocket who is the brother of MAurice Richard the Rocket.

Who is known as rocket Maurice Richard Henri Richard guy lafleur guy lapointe?

Maurice Richard was nicknamed "The Rocket" for his fiery and passionate play. His younger brother, Henri, was often referred to as "The Pocket Rocket" or later as simply "The Pocket".

How many Richard brothers playes for Montreal canadiens?

I believe 2 Henri Richard ( the pocket rocket) And the greatest Maurice "the Rocket" Richard hope this helps.

What was the nickname of Henri Richard?

Henri Richard's nickname was Pocket Rocket because he is Maurice Richard's little brother who is nicknamed Rocket because of his speed and because he is much smaller than him.

Who has the second most Stanley Cup rings?

Henri Richard from the Montreal Canadians with 11 Stanley Cup rings. Henri is Maurice "Rocket" Richard's little brother!

What team did the NHL players was nicknamed Pocket Rocket play for?

Henri Richard (The Pocket Rocket) only played for the Montreal Canadiens in his NHL career between 1955-56 and 1974-75 seasons.

Is an electric pocket rocket better than a gas pocket rocket?

I think a electric pocket rocket is better

When was Rocket in the Pocket created?

Rocket in the Pocket was created in 1998-09.

Which NHL player was nicknamed Pocket Rocket?

Henri Richard - the younger brother of Maurice 'The Rocket' Richard

What nhl player has most Stanley cup wins?

The player with the most rings is Henri "the pocket rocket" Richard who has a total of 11 Stanley cup rings , and is also the younger brother of one of the greatest players of all time: Maurice Richard

What is the fastest pocket rocket in the world?

Fastest pocket rocket 49 miles per hour

How fast would a pocket rocket go with a 191 pound boy on it?

well for a start i have no clue what a pocket rocket is but i think it is a small rocket that fits in your pocket and by my judging i don't that a 191 pound boy wil fit on a rocket thaat fits in your pocket