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Q: How many Stanley cups did he philadelphia flyers win?
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How many Stanley cups have the flyers appeared in?


How many Stanley cups did Eric lindros have?

None: Lindros played in the Stanley Cup Finals only once, in 1997. Lindros and the Philadelphia Flyers were swept in four games by the Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings.

How many NHL championships do the flyers have?

As of 2014, the Philadelphia Flyers have won the stanley cup twice. They won in 1973-74 and 1974-75.

How many Stanley cups did Philadelphia won?

As of 2017, two.

How many Stanley Cups did Terry Crisp win?

Three. Two with the 1974 and 1975 Flyers as a player and one with the Calgary Flames as their head coach in 1989.

How many saskatchewanians on philadelphia flyers?


Do hokcey fans like the Philadelphia flyers?

Not many fans like them. The people who only realy llike them is the Philadelphia Flyers fans

How many french Canadians on philadelphia flyers?


How many Stanley cups did the monteral?

24 cups

How many Stanley cups do the motreal canadians have?

The Montreal Canadiens (Correct Spelling) Have Won 24 stanley cups

How many left handed goalies have the philadelphia flyers had in their history?


How many Stanley's did Carl Brewer bring home?

three Stanley cups