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Marc-Andre Fleury has won one Stanley Cup

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Q: How many Stanley cups did Marc Andre fleury win?
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How many Stanley Cups has Fleury won?

Theoren Fleury played with one Stanley Cup-winning team, the 1989 Calgary Flames. Pittsburgh goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury has yet to play for a Cup winner, although that may change soon.

What team was the last to win more than 2 straight Stanley Cups?

The New York Islanders, who won Stanley Cups from 4 Stanley Cups from 1980 to 1983.

How many Stanley cups did the monteral?

24 cups

How many Stanley cups do the motreal canadians have?

The Montreal Canadiens (Correct Spelling) Have Won 24 stanley cups

How maney Stanley cups are there?


Which goalie has most Stanley cups?

Ken Dryden won 6 Stanley Cups in a career that only spanned 8 years.

How many Stanley's did Carl Brewer bring home?

three Stanley cups

How many Stanley cups did Wayne Gretzky win with the coyotes?

The Winnipeg Jets now Phoenix Coyotes have won no Stanley Cups in their franchise history.They made a good effort in the 2012 Season, but have won 0 stanley cups.

Who has 10 Stanley cups in the NHL?


How many Stanley cups have the blackhawks been to?

they have been to only one Stanley cup

How many Stanley cups Toronto have 2012?

As of 2012, the Toronto Maple Leafs have won 13 Stanley Cups. There last cup came in 1967.

What years did Montreal win five Stanley cups in a row?

The Montreal Canadiens won 24 Stanley Cups from 1909 to 2010