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As of the 2009-2010 season, they have never won the Stanley Cup.

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Q: How many Stanley Cups have the Columbus Blue Jackets won?
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How many world cups have the columbus blue jackets won in history?

0. The Columbus Blue Jackets do not play for the world cup.

What team has won the least Stanley cups?

The following teams have never won the Cup: Buffalo Sabres, Washington Capitals, Florida Panthers, Atlanta Thrashers, St. Louis Blues, Columbus Blue Jackets, Nashville Predators, Minnesota Wild, Phoenix Coyotes, Los Angeles Kings,and San Jose Sharks. Teams from Ottawa and Vancouver have won Cups in the early years of the game, but not in their modern incarnations as the Senators and Canucks.

What team was the last to win more than 2 straight Stanley Cups?

The New York Islanders, who won Stanley Cups from 4 Stanley Cups from 1980 to 1983.

What Pittsburgh penguins wore number 5?

Veteran defenseman Darryl Sydor wore number 5 with the Penguins in the 2007-08 season. Sydor signed with Pittsburgh on July 1, 2007. He has also been a member of the Los Angeles Kings, Columbus Blue Jackets, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Dallas Stars (2 stints). Sydor had roles in helping the 1999 Stars and 2004 Lightning capture Stanley Cups.

How many Stanley cups did the monteral?

24 cups

How many Stanley cups do the motreal canadians have?

The Montreal Canadiens (Correct Spelling) Have Won 24 stanley cups

How maney Stanley cups are there?


Which goalie has most Stanley cups?

Ken Dryden won 6 Stanley Cups in a career that only spanned 8 years.

How many Stanley's did Carl Brewer bring home?

three Stanley cups

How many Stanley cups did Wayne Gretzky win with the coyotes?

The Winnipeg Jets now Phoenix Coyotes have won no Stanley Cups in their franchise history.They made a good effort in the 2012 Season, but have won 0 stanley cups.

Who has 10 Stanley cups in the NHL?


How many Stanley cups have the blackhawks been to?

they have been to only one Stanley cup