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302 in 26 sports

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Q: How many Sporting Events took place during the Olympic games?
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What sporting events were held in ancient greece?

Olympic games

How many events are there at the Olympic games 2012?

There were 36 different types of sporting events taking place.

How many events are there in all of the Olympics including the Winter Olympic Games?

There are 21 Winter [ranked] sporting events

Name two sporting events that took place at the olympic games in ancient Greece?

boxing and discus were two of the nine events that took place during the ancient Greece Olympics.

Did Edmonton Alberta host the summer olympic games?

Edmonton has never hosted an Olympic Games, either Summer or Winter. It has hosted World Championships the Commonwealth Games and other international sporting events.

Which events are in the modern Olympic Games that were not in the ancient Olympic Games?

The answer is. . . POO!

Are the Olympic games fun?

The Olympic Games are fun to watch and participate in. For the athletes, it's pride in representing their country on an international stage. For the average person, it's watching some of the greatest sporting events in the world.

What does olympic sport mean?

It can be defined as follow a sport that has been recognised by the olympic committee and will or has been undertaken at an olympic event. Many sports that appear in the olympics have their own sporting events out side that of teh Games

Which sporting event is held every leap year?

What major sporting event takes place in every leap year

What are some Olympic games that begin with the letter B?

Sporting events in the Olympics that start with the letter b:backstroke swimmingbadmintonbalance bean gymnasticsbasketballbiathlonbobsleighboxingbreaststroke swimmingbutterfly swimming

Which place is hosting most of the ski events during the 2010 Winter Olympic games?


What are three events in the Summer Olympic Games?

Three events in the Summer Olympic Games include: - Aquatics - Equestrian - Fencing

How many events are in the first olympic games?

There are 43 events in 9 sports in the first olympic games held in 1896.

How many Olympic events are alike in the modern Olympic games and the ancient Olympic games?

about 5 or 9.

Which famous sporting event began in Athens in 1896?

Olympic Games

When was dressage introduced as an official sporting event in the Olympic Games?

1912 :)

How many events will there be in the olympic games in London?

302 events

How many events will there be in the Olympics?

there will be 106 events in the Olympic Games

How many events are in the 2012 olympic games?

302 events

What world sporting events will be held in Brazil over the next four years?

The FIFA World Cup will be held in 2014 and the Olympic Games will be held there in 2016.

Which Olympic games did many nations boycott because of NZ's sporting contacts with South Africa?

It was in the summmer olympic games,1976

Are there 106 events in olympic games?


What are the main events in the olympic games?


What are the first events in the Olympic Games?

a sport

How many events are there are there in the olympic games?