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As of July 25, 2011, twelve of Barcelona's 22 players in the team hold Spanish nationality.

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Q: How many Spanish players are there in FC Barcelona?
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How many players are on fc Barcelona?

FC Barcelona, known as Futbol Club, in based in Barcelona, Spain. Twenty two players are members of the team but only twelve hold actual Spanish nationality.

How many players does FC Barcelona have?


Who are Muslim football players play in spanish premier league?

Gerard Pique from FC Barcelona.

What leauge is fc Barcelona in?

FC Barcelona is in the Spanish Leauge, La Liga

Who is the 3 Brazilian players who currently play in the Spanish La Liga?

Actually there are 5 Brazilian players who currently play in the Spanish League, which are Danil Alves ( Barcelona FC), Luis Fabiano (Sevilla FC) ,Nilmar ( Villareal FC) ,Kaká (Real Madrid FC) and Marcelo (Real Madrid FC).

Are there any Jewish players in fc Barcelona?

Yes your mom

How many championships does FC Barcelona have?

Barcelona have won 3 champion league cups, and 19 Spanish league cups.

What is the average age for FC Barcelona?

The average age for the Barcelona players is twenty two years.

Who did fc Barcelona sign recently?

Barcelona recently signed fabregas and some other players.

How many times has Chelsea fc win fc Barcelona?

2 they beat Barcelona

Which spanish club signed Alexis Sanchez?

FC Barcelona

Has FC Barcelona ever gone against FC Barcelona B on soccer?

In a real match - No. Teams are not allowed to play their 'B' or "youth teams" in any professional league or tournament. FC Barcelona B actually qualified for the playoffs for the Spanish Primera Division a few years ago, but they were not allowed because the real FC Barcelona is already in that league. In addition, FC Barcelona B are not allowed to participate in the Spanish Cup, because again, the real FC Barcelona participate in that cup.

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