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Q: How many Scottish players have scored a hatrick in the English premiership?
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5 scottish players who have won the premiership?

1. Darren Fletcher 2. Colin Hendry 3.

What old firm players are currently playing in the English premiership?

jamie girton

Which Arsenal players hae scored a hatrick for the club?

* Thierry Henry * Dennis Bergkamp * Andrei Arshavin

What football players have won the English Premiership the Champions League and the European Championship?

Anelka Makelele cant think of any more, sorry scmeichel

Which players from English premiership have scored in a world cup final?

The only one that comes to mind is Manu Petit (then at Arsenal) in 1998.

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Scottish players who have won english premiership?

Darren Fletcher

Four players that scored a hatrick for three different team in the premiership?

Andy Cole Les Ferdinand Kevin Campbell Teddy Sheringham

Which Scottish players have scored a hat-trick in the English Premiership and against who?

Kevin Gallagher, Duncan Ferguson, Gordon Strachan, Gary McAllister and John Hendrie.

How many players have won La Liga and the scottish premiership?

one, Steve archibald

Which players in English premiership have scored for Rangers?


How many and who. Title winning players from 1993 to current date have played for the English premiership champions and the Scottish premier champions?

chris sutton, Jiří Jarošík, henrick larsson

Who are all the Scottish soccer players that have won an English premiership soccer medal?

Pele WRONG, it is Gray, AndyAndy Gray Wark, JohnJohn Wark Dalglish, KennyKenny Dalglish

Who has the most English players in the there team in the premiership?

Manchester United

What premiership club in the UK has the least English players?


Which players have won both the Premiership title and scottish premier title?

It is the Sweedish striker Henrick Larson.

5 scottish players who have won the premiership?

1. Darren Fletcher 2. Colin Hendry 3.

How many scottish players have scored in the premiership?

Kenny Miller Kris Boyd Ji Sung Park