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3 teams have won a total of 7 championships:

Kentucky - 7 times

Florida - twice

Arkansas - once

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Q: How many SEC Championships has Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Team won?
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What is the basketball team for Kentucky?

The University of Kentucky Wildcats.

What is the name of the University of Kentucky basketball team?

The Kentucky Wildcats.

What team has the best attendance in college basketball?

Kentucky Wildcats

What is the best sports team in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team.

What college basketball team is called Big Blue?

Kentucky Wildcats

What college basketball team has gone to the ncaa championship the most?

The Kentucky Wildcats.

Who was the first team to reach 1500 in ncaa basketball?

The University of Kentucky Wildcats

What is the alltime winningest college basketball team has most wins as of 2009?

The University of Kentucky Wildcats

Who wore number 24 for the 1974-75 Kentucky Wildcats basketball team?

Mike Flynn

What college mens basketball team has the second longest home winning streak?

Kentucky wildcats

What teams play in Rupp Arena?

Rupp Area is a major basketball area in Lexington, Kentucky. The team that plays here is called the Kentucky Wildcats, and they are a men's college basketball team.

The most winning est team in college basketball?

For the regular season, it's the Kentucky Wildcats with 1,988.