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Go to and search under men's Basketball. It shows 43 SEC Championships and 25 SEC Tournament Championships.

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Q: How many SEC Basketball Titles does the University of Kentucky have?
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Howy many national titles has Kentucky won in basketball?


How many NCAA basketball titles has the Univeristy of Kentucky won?


How many basketball ncaa championships has the Kentucky wildcats won?

Seven titles.

How many total national titles does the University of Kentucky have in all sports?


How many big ten titles does Michigan university have in mens basketball?


How many division one basketball teams are from Kentucky?

There are 6:University Of KentuckyUniversity Of LouisvilleMorehead State UniversityMurray State UniversityEastern Kentucky UniversityWestern Kentucky University

How many NCAA basketball titles does Kentucky have?

Kentucky has 8 wins....1948, 1949, 1951, 1958, 1978, 1996, 1998, and 2012.

How many national titles has University of Kentucky won in football?

they have won one title in 1950

How many wins does Kentucky wildcats have?

The University of Kentucky Wildcats men's Basketball team has the most wins in the NCAA at 2,012.

How many basketball teams are there in Kentucky?

There are 6 D-I NCAA Mens Basketball Teams in the state of kentucky:University of LouisvilleUniversity of KentuckyMorehead State UniversityWestern Kentucky UniversityEastern Kentucky UniversityMurray State University

How many NCAA titles has University of Utah won?

The Utes have won 22 titles. They have won 1 basketball title, 10 gymnastics titles, and 11 skiing titles.

How many NCAA sports titles does Duke University have?

12 total (4 in men's basketball).

How many University of Arizona basketball titles have they won?

The Wildcats won their only NCAA title in 1997.

How many teams are from Kentucky in the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament?

The University of Louisville, who was the number one overall seed in the tournament, and Western Kentucky University were the only two. Kentucky played in the NIT Tournament.

How many national championships does UK have in basketball?

The University of Kentucky has 7 National Championships, and many more to come.

How many teams had the most wins for basketball?

One team has the most wins and that team is the University Of Kentucky.

How many NCAA titles does Maryland have?

The University of Maryland men have won 1 NCAA basketball championship - in 2002.

How many national titles does Duke basketball have?

3 in basketball

How many former University of Kentucky players currently play professional basketball?

How many type of service in hotel and restaurant

How many sec basketball championships has Kentucky won?

how many sec championships has Kentucky won in mens basketball

How many basketball games has the University of Kentucky won?

As of the end of the 2012 season, the Kentucky Wildcats have won 2090 games. They are ranked #1 in all time wins in NCAA Men's College Basketball.

How many men ncaa basketball championship has the University of Kentucky won?

1948,1949,1951,1958,1978,1996,1998,2012 total of 8 ncaa championships

How many teams are from the state of Kentucky in the ncaa tournament?

In the 2013 NCAA men's basketball tournament, the Commonwealth of Kentucky was represented by two teams: the top-seeded University of Louisville and Western Kentucky University, which was the 16th seed in the South Region.

How many college basketball titles does UCLA have?


How many NCAA basketball titles does Pitt have?