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Mickey Mantle ended his career with 1,509 RBIs.

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Q: How many RBIs does Mickey Mantle have?
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What was Mickey Mantle's best year?

1956 Triple Crown SeasonThe 1956 season. Mickey Mantle won the Triple crown, batting .356 with 52 Home Runs, and 130 RBIs.

How many all-star games did mickey mantle play in?

Mickey MantleMickey Mantle played in 2,401 regular season games. See related links for more stats on Mickey Mantle.

Who won the last triple crown for the New York Yankees?

Mickey Mantle Triple Crown 1956Mickey Mantle was the last New York Yankee to win the triple crown. In 1956 Mickey hit .352 with 52 HRs, and 130 RBIs.

What are Mickey Mantle's career Statistics?

In 18 Years of playing baseball with the New York Yankees Mickey Mantle had 8,102 at bats, 1,677 runs, 2,415 hits, 536 home runs 1,509 RBIs and a .298 batting average in 2,401 games.

How many lifetime at bats did Mickey Mantle have?

Mickey Mantle had 8,102 career at-bats.

Who was the Baseball player that won triple crown in 1956?

Mickey Mantle of the Yankees. Mantle hit 52 home runs, had 130 RBIs, and a batting average of .353 to win the Triple Crown in 1956.

What were Mickey Mantle's career numbers?

Mickey Mantle Career Stats18 seasons2,401 Games8,102 At Bats1,677 Runs2,415 Hits536 Home Runs1,509 RBIs,1,733 Base on Balls1,710 Strike outs,.298 Batting Average.421 On Base Average.557 Slugging Percentage.

How many home runs did mickey mantle finish with?

Mickey Mantle has 536 career home runs.

How many at-bats did Mickey Mantle have in the postseason?

Mickey Mantle had 230 postseason (World Series) at bats.

How many Home runs did Mickey Mantle hit in 1966?

Mickey Mantle hit 23 Homeruns in 1966.

Who was the only New York Yankees baseball player to win the Triple Crown Award?

That was Mickey Mantle in 1956 with 52 HRs, 130 RBIs, and a .353 batting average.

What was Mickey Mantle's batting average against Bob Feller?

Mickey Mantle's Left Handed Batting Average .282Hitting left handed Mickey Mantle had a career batting average of .282 with 343 home runs, 867 RBIs in 4,517 at bats.Hitting Right handed Mickey Mantle had a career batting average of .334 with 136 home runs 397 RBIs, in 2,208 at bats.