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Q: How many Quaffles are in a game of Quidditch?
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What is quitage?

QUIDDITCH is a game when people fly around on broomsticks score points with quaffles. avoid bludgers and catch the snitch.

What is the name of the game Harry Potter plays?

The game is Quidditch and it is played with three Bludgers, one Quaffle and a Golden Snitch. Bludgers are used to target and hit a player and if the player falls off his broom he/she is out of the game. Quaffles are made to pass through hoops to score points but the Golden Snitch is most important, the game gets over only when the seeker of a team catches the snitch. Once a quidditch match continued for three months because the snitch could not be caught until then !!!

What happens if you catch a Golden Snitch in quidditch?

You end and win the quidditch game.

Why did harry get captain of the quidditch game?

Probably because he was an excellent quidditch player himself.

How long does a Quidditch match last?

A game of Quidditch will continue until the Snitch has been caught .

Can you compare the game of quidditch to any other game?

It's a bit like basketball and soccer. wouldn't you agree? but quidditch is mostly creativity.

How do you unlock bonus quidditch in Harry Potter and the half-blood prince game?

To unlock bonus quidditch look up "Bonus Quidditch How To" on youtube it gives you complete instructions on how to unlock bonus quidditch spread the word the world must expereinece 100% of the game.

How long is a Quidditch game?

A Quidditch game will continue until the golden snitch is caught, they have been known to go on for weeks - sometimes even months.

What game does Harry Potter play on brooms?


How many Seekers are on a Quidditch team?

There is only one Seeker on a Quidditch team.

What does quidditch mean?

Quidditch is a sports game played on flying brooms by witches and wizards in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter franchise.

How do you play quidditch in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix game?

you cant

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