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Q: How many QBs have won the hiesman?
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How many Florida gator qbs won a super bowl?


Who was the first player to win the Heisman Trophy?

Jay Berwanger, from Chicago, won the first Hiesman Trophy in 1935.Jay Berwanger, from Chicago, won the first Hiesman Trophy in 1935.

How many undrafted qbs have won a super bowl?

Kurt warner rams

Who won the hiesman in 2009?

Mark Ingrum, for the Alabama Crimsonetide

What players have played in super bowl and have won hiesman?

bart starr

Who was Archie griffin?

He also wnt to Ohio State and won the Hiesman Trophy twice.

What qbs won the Super Bowl with the cowboys?

Troy Aikman won 3 and Roger Staubach won 2.

Who has won the Hiesman Trophy two times in a row?

Archie Griffin - 1974 & 1975

How many Undrafted quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl in the nfl?

Starting QBs ... 1 ... Kurt Warner of the St. Louis Rams that won Super Bowl XXXIV.

How many hiesman trophy winners to auburn have?


How many black Qbs has super bowl rings?

Two black quarterbacks have won Super Bowl Rings as starters, Doug Williams and Russell Wilson.

Who won the hiesman trophy more than once?

There is only one person to have won the award more than once, and his name was Archie Griffin. Griffin was a runningback for Ohio State and won the award in 1974 and 1975.

How many Sec quarterbacks have won a Super Bowl?

SEC QBs have won 6 Super Bowls - Bart Starr 2 (Alabama), Joe Namath 1 (Alabama), Ken Stabler 1 (Alabama), Peyton Manning 1 (Tennessee), Eli Manning 1 (Ole Miss) QBs from Independent schools have won 9 - Joe Montana 4 (Notre Dame), Roger Staubach 2 (Navy), Joe Theismann 1 (Notre Dame), Johnny Unitas 1 (Louisville), Jeff Hostetler 1 (West Virginia) (Louisville and WVU were indepedent at the time those two attended) Pac 10 QBs have won 8 - Troy Aikman 3 (UCLA), Jim Plunkett 2 (Stanford), John Elway 2 (Stanford), Mark Rypein 1 (Washington St.) Big Ten QBs have won 7 - Tom Brady 3 (Michigan), Bob Greise 2 (Purdue), Len Dawson 1 (Purdue), Drew Brees 1 Gulf States Conference QBs won 4 - Terry Bradshaw 4 (Louisiana Tech) LT is now a member of the WAC WAC QBs have won 3 - Trent Dilfer 1 (Fresno St.), Jim McMahon 1 (BYU), Steve Young 1 (BYU) (BYU is now a member of the Mountain West Conference) MAC QBs have won 2 - Ben Roethlisberger 2 (Miami of Ohio) No other conference has more than 1 Super Bowl victory by a former QB.

Has anyone won both the hiesman trophy and nfl mvp?

Paul Hornung, O.J. Simpson, Earl Campbell, Marcus Allen, and Barry Sanders have each won the Heisman Trophy and an NFL MVP award.

How many Notre Dame QBs have Super Bowl rings?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, 2 have won rings as starters ... Joe Montana of the 49ers and Joe Theismann of the Redskins.Terry Hanratty won as a backup for the Steelers and Steve Beuerlein won as a backup for the Cowboys.

How many Qbs have the bills had since Jim Kelly?


Who was the hiesman named after?

John Heisman.

How many Alabama QBs won the Super Bowl?

Three quarterbacks from the University of Alabama have won the Super Bowl. * Bart Starr, Green Bay Packers - I, II * Joe Namath, New York Jets - III * Ken Stabler, Oakland Raiders - XI

How many left handed quarterbacks have won the super bowl?

Two left handed QBs have started and won a Super Bowl ... Ken Stabler of the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XI and Steve Young of the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX.

How many black qbs are in the NFL?

I'm the one that posed the question

How many nfl qbs are under 6 ft 1?


Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks that won Super Bowls?

There are only two Steelers QBs to win the Super Bowl - Terry Bradshaw (who did so 4 times) and Ben Roethlisberger (who won 2 times).

What coach won 3 Super Bowls with 3 different starting QBs?

Joe Gibbs has won 3 Super Bowls with Joe Thiesman in 1982, Doug Williams 1987 and Mark Ripkyn 1991

Did Fran Tarkenton win the Heisman Trophy?

No he did not win the hiesman.

What QBS have won 2 Super Bowls?

im pretty sure Kurt warner led the rams to two superbowls.i think Peyton mannning to. im not really sure to be honest.