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about 12 or 20

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Q: How many Professional Thoroughbred riding Jockeys are there in the US?
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What are the many types of jockeys?

There are many types of jockeys. The most common definition of a jockey would be one who rides atop a Thoroughbred in races, such as the Kentucky Derby. It is also a trademark used for men's underwear.

How many Professional Thoroughbred riding Jockeys are there in the U.S.?

I have heard numbers from approximately 400-600. The actual number depends on several things. Jockeys have to have a license to compete and the number of licensed riders changes over time. Also, not every person who has a jockey's license actually rides in races, they might be an exercise rider who has a jock's license so they can ride in races three or four times a year. A lot of jockeys who ride regularly are members of the jockey's guild so a good idea of a more accurate number would be counting members of the guild, though there are plenty of riders who are not guild members.

How many pages does The Rock Jockeys have?

The Rock Jockeys has 80 pages.

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How many pages does Irish Thoroughbred have?

Irish Thoroughbred has 189 pages.

How many jockeys have 4000 wins?


How many horse jockeys are there?

Ushually 12

How many professional cyclists are there in the world?

About 1050 professionals counting WorldTour Teams and ProContinental. And about 2600 cyclist riding on the professional Tour (Continental).

How many thoroughbred race tracks are there in the us?

There are over 50 Thoroughbred racetracks in the USA.

How many licensed thoroughbred trainers are there in the US?

Over 800 thoroughbred trainers in the US.

Where can you find thoroughbred horses?

In thoroughbred breeding stables located in many countries of the world.

How many jockeys have died in the grand national?


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