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*It's probably happened too many times to mention. The most recent pitcher to accomplish the feat was Cliff Lee, who was a member of the Philadelphia Phillies during the 2009 World Series and the Texas Rangers during the 2010 Series.

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Q: How many Pitchers who have pitched in World series for both an American and national league team?
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When did the pitcher have to start batting in the national league?

Pitchers have always taken their turn at bat in the national league. Only the American league has a "designated hitter". - bill

Do the American league teams have an atvantage because of designated hitter rule?

No, the national league pitchers have to bat and all national league teams play by taht rule and all American league teams have a DH

How many cmplete games were pitched in major league baseball in 2011?

Up through the 2011 All-Star break, 114 ... 52 in the National League and 62 in the American League. Teams: The Philadelphia Phillies lead the National League with 11 and the Seattle Mariners lead the American League with 9. Pitchers: James Shields of the Tampa Bay Rays leads the American League with 7 and Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies leads the National League with 6.

Does the pitcher in a Major League Baseball game get to hit?

There are two leagues in American major league baseball, the American League and the National League. The American League has the designated hitter rule which allows for someone other than the pitcher to bat in the pitcher's place. The pitcher does not bat in the American League. The National League does not have the designated hitter rule. The pitcher does bat in the National League.

When does the pitcher have a chance to hit?

currently, only teams in the National league allow their pitchers to hit. The American League uses the DH (designated hitter) to bat for their pitchers. However, the DH is a very recent amendment to the game. Even the American League pitchers used to hit. The DH was instituted in 1973.

Do America league pitchers bat?

In the World Series the pitchers only bat when the game is played in the National League park. When the game is played in the American League park the Designated Hitter is used.

What is the cy young award in MLB?

the cy young award is given to the best pitchers in the American and national league.

Why is there no dh for the National league?

The owners of the National League have decided not to adopted the DH rule the way the American League owners have. As things look now, it doesn't appear as if the DH will ever be in the National League. Even in the American League, the DH is a recent addition. The American League (founded as a part of MLB in 1901) let their pitchers hit, just like the National League teams all the way til 1973.

Why does the MLB pitchers bat in one league and not the other?

In the National League pitchers are treated like any other player and must bat for their order in the lineup, in the American League the pitchers spot in the lineup can be taken by a designated hitter. Since the two leagues have different rules, They go by the rules for the ballpark they play in. If it is in a National League ball park, the pitcher hits, if it is in an American League ball park they use a DH. This applies for any regulation game, regular season and playoffs

How Many Starting Pitchers have been selected to both an American league all star team and a national league all star team?

Josh Beckett

Why aren't baseball pitchers included in the batting list?

In the National League, pitchers will be in the batting line-up. In the American League, the pitcher's batting position is taken by the Designated Hitter (DH) who is ineligible to play any field position.

Did nolan Ryan play for American league?

Yes, Ryan pitched for teams in both the American and National leagues.