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Q: How many Penn State college football players have played in the NFL?
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Who is the best college football team ever?

Nebraska 1971

What state are most college football players from?

California or Florida

What state has the most college football players drafted into the nfl?


What college did Burt Reynolds played football at?

He played football at Florida State University.

How many College Football players were born in the State of Wyoming?

It must be in the 1000s

Do Ohio state football players get paid?

It's illegal to pay college football players but I don't know whether every team follows the rules or not.

What college did Jack Lambert play football for?

Jack Lambert played college football at Kent State.

What college football team had 44 players go to the NFL?

Ohio State University

What college did Chad ochocinco?

He played college football at both Oregon State and Santa Monica College.

Did Henry Dygert play college football?

Yes Henry Dygert Played College Football. He played at Oregon State from 90-93. He was a kicker and wore #16

Where did James Harrison play college football?

James Harrison played college football at Kent State University.

Has Arkansas ever played Ohio state in college football?


What college has put more players in the NFL Michigan or Ohio State?

According to Pro Football Reference, Ohio State has had 366 players on NFL rosters and Michigan has had 323.

How many player from Jackson State University have played in the nfl?

There have been 89 Jackson State Football Players that have made it to the National Football League.

What single college football game had the most future NFL players?

the 1993 Florida State v. Miami game

Where did Jim Donnan play college football?

Jim Donnan played college football at North Carolina State University, or NC State. He was also ACC player of the year in 1967.

Has the Florida State football team ever played the University of Texas?

No, they have never met in college football.

Has Tim Tebow ever played for Boise State?

No. Tim Tebow played college football for the Florida Gators.

Can a person play on a private high school football team and still go to college football?

You can definitely go on to play college football. Plenty of current college football players attended private high schools. Bennie Fowler from Michigan State attended Detroit Country Day which is a private school.

Where did Steve mcnab play college footballl?

If you mean Steve McNair, he played football at Alcorn State. If you mean Donavan McNabb, he played football for Syracuse.

Who played in the college football national championship 2007?

LSU & Ohio State

Where did bobby engram play college football?

Penn State

What NFL player never played collage football?

rav rocca-punter Philadelphia eagles, Ben graham-punter Arizona cardinals and Eric swann-DT Arizona cardinals and Carolina panthers all didn't play college football. Rocca and Graham were Australian football players before moving to America and there might have been more from Australia that i just cant think of right now. Swann was going to play college football at NC State but was ruled academically ineligible and played football in an independent league that didn't pay its players but rather found them jobs to work. Swann was drafted 6th overall in the NFL draft.

What song is played at the Ky football state championship during the player intoduction?

Its played at Louisville stadium in 2007, and the song played during the introduction of the players

Who wore Ohio state football jerseys?

Ohio state football players