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Q: How many Paralympic sports can you name?
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How many sports will there be at the Paralympic Games?


How many sports are there in the Parolympics?

There are approximately 27 Paralympic sports and 5 Winter Paralympic sports. See the related link for more information.

How many sports in London 2012?

26 olympic sports and 20 paralympic sports will feature at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

How many paralympic sports will be at the olympic 2012?

Cant you answer that

How many sports in the paralympic games?

There are 21 events and hundreds of sports (too many to count)

How many sports are there in the Paralympics Games?

28 events are in the paralympic games!

How many Paralympic sports are there?

according to wikipedia, there are 24 different sports in the summer and winter. here is a link to all of them

What paralympic sports did gerry bertier play?

shot put

What are the Paralympic sports?

the Paralympics are basically Olympics but for people that are not able to do certain things.

What is the name of the Paralympic torchbearer from Blackburn?


How many Paralympic medals has Eleanor Simmonds won?

She got 43 paralympic medals.

What games are there in the para Olympics?

Summer sportsThe following sports are currently on the Summer Paralympic Games programme:ArcheryAthletics (track and field)BocciaCyclingEquestrianFootball 5-a-sideFootball 7-a-sideGoalballJudoPowerliftingRowingSailingShootingSwimmingTable TennisVolleyball (sitting)Wheelchair basketballWheelchair fencingWheelchair rugbyWheelchair tennisThese sports were part of the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing, China.The following sports are not included in the Summer Paralympic Games program, but are governed by the IPC:BowlsWheelchair dance sportWinter sportsThe following sports are on the current Winter Paralympic Games program:Alpine skiingIce sledge hockeyNordic skiingBiathlonCross-country skiingWheelchair curling

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