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One a Gold medal for the Heptathlon at the 2012 Olympics

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Q: How many Olympic medals has Jessica Ennis won Altogether?
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How many medals has Jessica Ennis won at sprinting in the olympic games?

Jessica Ennis currently had no Olympic medals.

How many medals altogether has Jessica Ennis won?


How many olympic medals has jessica ennis won?


How many medals Jessica Ennis won while sprinting at olympic games?

Ennis has not yet won an Olympic medal.

How many gold medals has jessica ennis won in athletics?

Heptathlete Ennis from Great Britain has not yet won an Olympic gold medal.

How many medals has Jessica Ennis?

jessica ennis has won 100 gold 50 silver 1 bronzw

Who was the recent winner in the Olympic games?

Jessica Ennis

What olympic event does Jessica ennis do?

Jessica takes part in the heptathlon xo :)

Who is Jessica Ennis?

Jessica Ennis is a track and field athlete. She was the heptathlon gold medalist in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

How many gold medals won by Jessica Ennis in London 2012?

Jessica Ennis won a Gold Medal only for the Women's heptathlon

How many olympic games has jessica ennis been to?


Is jessica ennis the current heptathlond olympic champion?


How many medals does jessica ennis have?

67 gold 99 silver 3

How many medals did jessica ennis win in the belguim Olympics?

There was not an Olympics in Belguim

How many medals has Jessica Ennis-hill won all together?


How many olympic games has jessica ennis take part in?


Why is Jessica Ennis famous?

I think she was an Olympic runner and helt the flag

How many gold medals has jessica ennis won?

100 gold medals 50 silver 1 bronze

How many gold medals did Jessica Ennis win in the London 2012 Olympics?


What awards have Jessica Ennis received?

4 gold medals and 5 silve and 7 bronze

Which british women have won gold in olympic track and field?

Kelly Holmes and Jessica Ennis.

Who did Jessica ennis marry?

jessica ennis marry HARRY HOLMES

Is Jessica Ennis a professional athlete?

jessica ennis is a profetional athlete

Where was Jessica Ennis born?

Jessica Ennis was born in Sheffield, England.

Is Jessica Ennis Scottish?

Jessica Ennis, the athlete, is English, not Scottish.