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14 total.. please see

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Q: How many Olympic medals did Canada win in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney Australia?
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How many Olympic medals has Canada won in 2000?

Canada won 14 medals in the 2000 Olympics, which were held in Sydney, Australia. They won 3 gold, 3 silver, and 8 bronze medals.

Which year did Australia win the most medals at olympic?

2000 in sydney

How many silver and bronze medals did Australia win in sydney?

At the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, Australia won 16 Gold, 25 Silver and 17 Bronze medals.

How many Olympic medals did Australia win in the 2000 Sydney Olympics?

At the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Australia won a total of 58 medals: 16 Gold, 25 Silver and 17 Bronze.

How many silver medals did canada win in 2000?

At the 2000 Summer Olympic Games held in Sydney, Canada received 3 silver medals (in addition to 3 gold medals and 8 bronze medals).

How many medals did Angela Lambert?

Angela 'Angie' Lambert won one gold Olympic medal, in Sydney, Australia at the 2000 Olympic games.

How many medals has Australia won in Olympic history?

Australia has won a total of 476 medals in Olympic history.

In which place overall did Australia come in the 2000 Sydney Olympic?

Well overall Australia placed 4th with 58 total medals. 16 were gold, 25 were silver, and 17 were bronze medals.

How many olympic diving medals does Canada have?

10 medals

How many Olympic medals has Australia won at Judo?

Tokyo '64 ------ Theodore Boronoski --- Bronze Sydney '00 ---- Maria Pekli --------------- Bronze

How many gold medals did Australia get at Sydney?


How many Olympic medals has Canada won so far?

Canada has eight medals as of february 21

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