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There are scheduled to be 302 medal events at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. That would mean a minimum of 906 medals will be awarded.

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

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Q: How many Olympic medals are awarded in the winter Olympic games?
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How many Olympic medals are awarded in an Olympic games?

over 1800

How many gold medals will be awarded at the 2012 olympic games?


What is the total number of medals to be awarded at the 2008 olympic games in china?

So far, 796 medals have been won in the 2008 Beijing olympic games

What prizes are awarded at the Olympics?

In the modern Olympic games, Gold medals are awarded for first-place, Silver medals are awarded for second-place, and Bronze medals are awarded for third-place. Typically the medals are only plated with the respective metals - the cost would otherwise be outrageous. In the ancient Olympic games, the winners received laurel wreaths.

How many medals did Canada win at the 1992 Winter Olympic games?

7 medals.

Which country won the most medals at the ancient olympic games?

Countries did not compete, individuals did. Nor were medals awarded.

Who won the Olympic games?

Everyone who participates. Thousands of medals have been awarded, no one person or country 'wins' an Olympic games.

How many olympic medals has Italy won?

Italy has won 595 total medals in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. * 494 Summer * 101 Winter

How many gold medals has America won at the Olympic Games?

America has won a total of 2298 Olympic medals and 253 winter Olympic medals. They have already won 11 medals in the 2012 Olympic games and it has only been on for 3 days!!!

What is theUS medal count in 1988 Winter Olympic Games?

The US earned a total of 6 medals at the 1988 winter Olympic games.

How many total medals have been awarded?

According to, as of the 2008 Games in Beijing 12,796 medals have been awarded in the Summer Olympics and 2,311 medals have been awarded in the Winter Olympics.

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