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Through Super Bowl XLIII, 2 have won rings as starters ... Joe Montana of the 49ers and Joe Theismann of the Redskins.

Terry Hanratty won as a backup for the Steelers and Steve Beuerlein won as a backup for the Cowboys.

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Q: How many Notre Dame QBs have Super Bowl rings?
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Who was the first player from Notre Dame to score in a Super Bowl?

The first Notre Dame alum to score in a Super Bowl was Green Bay's Paul Horning.

Who are Notre Dame's Super Bowl MVPs?

Joe Montana of the 49ers

What Super Bowl MVP's went to Notre Dame?

Joe Montana

What college has produced the most Super Bowl winners?

Notre Dame

Who are the only players to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl from Notre Dame?

Joe Montana

What College produced the most Quarterbacks who won a Super Bowl?

It is the University of Notre Dame with five.

Is notre dame going to a bowl game this year?

For the 2010 season, Notre Dame is playing Miami in the Sun Bowl on December 31.

What 2 Super Bowl quarterbacks are from the same college?

Joe Montana and Joe Thiesmann from Notre Dame

How many bowl games has Notre Dame lost?

As of the 2008 season, Notre Dame's bowl record is 13-15.

Who played in 1925 Rose Bowl?

Notre Dame and Stanford. Notre Dame won, 27-10.

How many Super Bowl quarterbacks attended Notre Dame?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, 3 starting QBs have attended the University of Notre Dame: 1) Daryle Lamonica, Oakland Raiders, Super Bowl II 2) Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV 3) Joe Theismann, Washington Redskins, Super Bowls XVII, XVIII

What team did Notre Dame defeat in its first and only Rose Bowl appearance in 1925?

The Legendary Four Horsemen from Notre Dame played in the Rose Bowl Game against Ernie Nevers of Stanford. Notre Dame won 27-10.

When was the last bowl game that notre dame won?

Through the 2008 season, that was the 2008 Hawaii Bowl that Notre Dame won over Hawaii, 49-21.Prior to that, it was the 1994 Cotton Bowl that Notre Dame won over Texas A&M, 24-21.

What team did Notre Dame play in 1973 bowl game?

in the sugar bowl the player alabama the final score was 24-23 notre dame

Has Florida and Notre Dame ever played football?

They played in the Sugar Bowl in 1992. Notre Dame upset the Gators.

What college has the most Super Bowl winning Quaterbacks?

Both Alabama and Purdue have produced three Super Bowl-winning quarter backs each:Alabama -- Bart Starr (Super Bowl I and II), Joe Namath (Super Bowl III) and Ken Stabler (Super Bowl XI).Purdue -- Len Dawson (Super Bowl IV), Bob Griese (Super Bowl VII and VIII) and Drew Brees (Super Bowl XLIV).But two Notre Dame quarterbacks named Joe have won the most Super Bowls with five victories:Notre Dame -- Joe Montana (Super Bowl XVI, XIX, XXIII and XXIV) and Joe Theismann (Super Bowl XVII).

What team did Notre Dame play against in the 1925 Rose Bowl game?

Stanford .... Notre Dame won 27-10.

Who won the Cotton Bowl in 1971?

notre dame

Notre Dame's most recent bowl game victory was?

As of the 2008 season, that was the Cotton Bowl played January 1, 1994. Notre Dame defeated Texas A&M, 24-21.

What is Alabama's record vs Notre Dame?

As of the start of the 2012 season, Alabama and Notre Dame have met six times, all between 1973-1987. In those games, Alabama has won once and Notre Dame has won five times. Notre Dame has outscored Alabama 112-86 in all meetings. 11/14/1987 Alabama 6 - Notre Dame 37 10/4/1986 Alabama 28 - Notre Dame 10 11/15/1980 Alabama 0 - Notre Dame 7 11/13/1976 Alabama 18 - Notre Dame 21 1/1/1975 (Orange Bowl) Alabama 11 - Notre Dame 13 12/31/1973 (Sugar Bowl) Alabama 23 - Notre Dame 24

Who was the team won 1973 Sugar Bowl?

Notre Dame

Who won the 2010 Sun bowl?

notre dame, AMERICA!

How many national championship rings does Notre Dame Universary have?


Who won the Cotton Bowl in 1979?

Notre Dame won the Cotton Bowl, 35-34

Who was notre dame quarterback in 1994 cotton bowl?

Kevin McDougal