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they have won one nat. championships

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Q: How many National Championships have the Clemson Tigers won in football?
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How many national championships does clemson football teams have?

only one--1981 champs! go tigers

Who has won the most ACC Championships in football?

Clemson Tigers

How many National Championships have the Clemson Tigers won in baseball?

sadly 0

When was Clemson Tigers football created?

Clemson Tigers football was created in 1896.

How many national championships in sports does the clemson tigers have?

6 NCAA Team Championships (and more counting individual championships in Track/Field, Womens Rowing, etc) 1 - Football 1 - Golf 2 - Soccer 2 - Track & Field

When was the Clemson Tigers football team formed?

The Clemson Tigers football team was formed around 1986. This team was formed at Clemson University in South Carolina. This is a college football team.

How many national championships has auburn tigers football team won?


What football team is the best?

Clemson Tigers!

When did Clemson when the National Championship in football?

they won the 1981 national championship in football after defeating Nebraska in the Jan 1 1982 Orange Bowl. go tigers.

Where can the 2013 roster for Clemson Tigers be viewed?

The 2013 roster for the Clemson Tigers can be found at the official Clemson Tigers website, ESPN's college football site, and Orange and White, a Tigers fansite.

What stickers are on the Clemson's football helmets?

Tigers paw

How many national championships has the Auburn tigers won in football?

Auburn has won two national championships in football: 1. 1957 (10-0; AP) 2. 2010 (14-0; BCS)

What is the Clemson Tigers worst football loss?

November 14, 1931 - Alabama 74, Clemson 7

When did UVA beat Clemson in football?

sadly in fall of 1990. go tigers

What university is represented by the Clemson Tigers?

The Clemson Tigers are a collection of athletic teams that compete in such sports as athletics, football, baseball, golf and basketball. They represent Clemson University and introduced their Tiger Paw logo in July 1970.

How many football team mascots are tigers?

The tiger is used by 7 teams in College Football. Auburn Tigers, Clemson Tigers, Louisiana State (LSU) Tigers, Memphis Tigers, Missouri Tigers, Princeton Tigers, and Towson Tigers.

What are the odds for the Clemson Tigers to win the ACC title in football in 2008?

at this point and time, 0%. go tigers in 2009.

Which Arkansas high school has the most football state championships in history?

Little Rock Central Tigers, no one else even comes close. 32 state championships and 2 national championships in football. One of the most storied program in the country.

How many national Championships have the LSU tigers won?


How many national championships in football for Missouri tigers?

It depends on what you use for a National Championship Selector. Missouri has none with the BCS, AP, or Coaches Poll. check the link

Which college football teams are called tigers?

Clemson Auburn Louisiana State Missouri Memphis

What is the city of the clemson tigers?

Clemson, South Carolina

When was Clemson Tigers men's soccer created?

Clemson Tigers men's soccer was created in 1934.

Where did the clemson tigers get their name?

there are a few answers to that question. One says that the clemson professor who first started a football program came to clemson from Auburn and brought the tiger mantra with him. The other says it was because of the longer hair and fading uniforms the first tiger football teams had which made them look more like tigers.

Where is the Clemson Stadium?

The Clemson Tigers home is known as "Death Valley" which is in Clemson South Carolina.