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150 wins

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Q: How many Nascar wins does Jack Roush have as a car owner?
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How many wins did Mark Martin have with Roush Racing?

Mark Martin won 35 Nascar Cup Series races when he drove for Roush Racing.Also, while driving for Jack Roush, Martin won 40 Nascar Nationwide Series races and 7 Truck Series races.

How many sprint cup wins does jack roush have as a car owner?

matt s win ealier at daytona was no. 300 . so it is 305.

How many cars can a NASCAR owner have?

In Nascar, an owner is allowed to have a maximum of four cars (teams).

What kind of engines does NASCAR use?

NASCAR uses stock engines, with many of the racers using the engines created by Roush-Fenway. These are four stroke engines that reach horsepower of over 800.

What NASCAR owner grew up in Virginia?

many of them

How many Nascar Sprint Cup race teams can an owner have?

A Nascar Sprint Cup team owner can have up to a maximum of four race teams.

How many drivers are on a NASCAR team?

A Nascar owner can have a maximum of four teams. Each team has one driver.

How many roush 427 Rs were produced in 2007?

200 units according to Roush.

Which mustang is better Roush or Gt?

It depends what customizations a person has made on their car, but a stage 3 Roush would destroy a GT. A GT (at least for 08) has a 4.6L engine and a Roush (428r) has a 4.6L engine along with the Roush Super Charger, Roush Suspension, Roush Breaking, as well as many other smaller differences. Overall a Roush is much better than a GT because what the Roush company does is purchase GT's and then upgrade a lot of it.

How many horsepower does a 1996 roush mustang have?


How many cars does Tony Stewart have in NASCAR?

Tony Stewart is the co-owner of Stewart-Haas Racing. The team has two cars in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series, the #14 is driven by Tony and Ryan Newman drives the #39.

How many horse power does a 2002 roush stage 2 have?


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