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Rusty Wallace won the 1989 Nascar Winston Cup Series championship.

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Q: How many Nascar championships has Rusty Wallace won?
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How many wins does Rusty Wallace have?

In 706 starts, Rusty Wallace has 55 NASCAR Sprint Cup wins.

How many wins did Rusty Wallace have at Bristol Motor Speedway?

Rusty Wallace had nine Nascar Cup Series wins at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Should Rusty Wallace come back to Nascar?

Yes, Rusty Wallace should come back to racing. Many people miss Rusty in his #2 Ford car. He was the racer a person could ever dream of. That's why when I get older I want to race just like him. Rusty Wallace is the person I look up to. ============ No. His age and the sport's technology revolution have passed him by.

How many Winston Cup races did Rusty Wallace win?

Rusty Wallace won 55 Nascar Cup Series races during his career. He won 54 races during the Winston Cup era, and his 55th win came when it was known as the Nextel Cup Series.

How many championships has Chevy won in Nascar?


How many championships does rasheed Wallace have?


How many championships has Tony Stewart won in Nascar?

Tony Stewart won three Cup Series championships in Nascar (2002, 2005, 2011).

How many Nascar Cup championships does Jeff Gordon have?


How many Nascar Cup Series championships has Jeff Gordon won?

Jeff Gordon won four Nascar Cup Series championships (1995, 1997, 1998, 2001).

How many championships has Jimmie Johnson won in his Nascar career?

Jimmie Johnson won six Nascar Cup Series championships during his career.

How many Nascar championships has Mark Martin won?

Mark Martin has never won a Nascar championship.

How many Nascar championships did Richard Petty win?

Richard Petty won a total of 7 championships.

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