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Q: How many NFL teams play for Washington?
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Hom many NFL teams has Julius peppers has play for?

2 teams

How many teams did t o play for?

4 nfl teams includin the Bengals

How many nfl teams in Washington state?

There is one NFL team in Minnesota, the Vikings.

How many NFL teams did TerryCrews play for?

san Diego chargers

What are Marylands home sports teams?

The Baltimore Orioles of MLB and the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. The Washington Redskins of the NFL play their games in Prince George's County.

What are the big market teams in the NFL?

Washington redskins

What teams did Doc Walker play for in the NFL?

Richard "Doc" Walker played for two teams in the National Football league (NFL), He played for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Washington Redskins, He also played college football at UCLA.

Who out of Ohio state and Michigan has NFL pro bowlers?

Both teams have had many players play in the NFL Pro Bowl.

What ten teams where the first ones to play in the nfl?

The first ten teams to play in the NFL were the Chicago Cardinals, the Chicago Bears, the Green Bay Packers, The Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, and Detroit Lions. The Washington Redskins were originally called the Braves. The Steelers and Rams round out the first teams. In 1950, the 49ers, Browns, and Colts all joined, bringing the total to 12 NFL teams.

What NFL teams have no chearleaders?

No NFL teams have no cheerleaders. They all have them and many of them.

What NFL teams play where?

he is a full back

How many NFL teams in all?

In the NFL their are 32 teams