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Only 1, the Chicago Bears

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Q: How many NFL teams has Brian Urlacher played for?
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How many seasons has Brian Urlacher played with the Bears?

The 2008 season is Brian Urlacher's 9th with the Bears. His first season with them was 2000.

How many sacks does Brian Urlacher have all time?

He had 41.5 career sacks

How many kids does Brian urlacher have?

brian urlacher has three kids two girls name pamela and riley and a son name kennedy.

How many super bowls has Brian Urlacher been to?

He was a member of the Chicago Bears teams that lost to the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLI.

How many sacks did Brian Urlacher have in 2006?


How many pro bowls has brian urlacher been to?


Who is brian urlacher endorsed by?

Brian Urlacher is a retired NFL player. He has been endorsed by many companies over the years including Nike, Comcast, McDonald's, and Domino's Pizza.

How many touchdowns did Brian Urlacher make?

Through the 2010 season, Brian Urlacher has scored 3 TDs in the NFL ... one on a fumble return, one on an interception return, and one on a pass reception on a fake field goal.

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