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The 49ers, Raiders, Packers, Seahawks, and so many more.

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Q: How many NFL teams do not play in domed stadiums?
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Which football teams play at stadiums called st james park?

Newcastle united.

How many stadiums are in the NHL?

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How many domed MLB stadiums are there -?

There are 7 stadiums that have the ability to be "domed". Stadiums with a fixed roof: Tropicana Field -Tampa Bay Rays Stadiums with retractable roofs: Chase Field - Arizona Diamondbacks Rogers Centre - Toronto Blue Jays Safeco Field - Seattle Mariners Miller Park - Milwaukee Brewers Minute Maid Park - Houston Astros Marlins Park - Miami Marlins Side Note: The Minnesota Twins used to play at a fixed roof stadium, the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. However, they have since built a new outdoor ballpark, Target Field, which they have played in since 2010.

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What do NFL players play on grass or turf?

Some stadiums have grass and some stadiums have turf.

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