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Three. New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Tampa is the city; Tampa Bay is the body of water.)

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Q: How many NFL teams are not named after a city or state?
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How many pro football teams are not named after their city or state?

none i think.

How many NFL teams are named after neither an actual state or city?

31 of the NFL's 32 teams have either a state or city in their name. The only exception is the New England Patriots, whose name encompasses a region. ("Foxboro Patriots" just doesn't have the right ring to it.)

How many division1college football teams are named cougars?

Three.Brigham Young UniversityUniversity of HoustonWashington State University.

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The question should be: How many states have cities named after them in THEIR state? (If it is worded in this manner.) Or better yet: How many states also have a city with a matching name, such as Kansas City, Kansas?

How many state capitals are named after US vice-presidents?

Jefferson city

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While Poseidon was the protector of many Greek city-states, none were named for him directly.

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How many football teams are in Vatican City?

The Vatican has no football teams.

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none theres only a state called wyoming not a city

How many us states have cities named Pennsylvania?

No state contains a city known as Pennsylvania.

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there is no sport teams named shaquille oneal, silly person

How many teams are named the Raptors in North America?

There is currently only one team in North America that is named the Raptors. There were several teams named the Raptors but they aren't named that any longer.

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just one

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Why are the New York Giants not called the New Jersey giants?

Despite technically being in the state of New Jersey they are still in a suburb of New York City just over the state line. Very few teams are named after their state and many teams play in suburbs just outside of the city they are named for. It's obnoxious listening to idiots say they should be the New Jersey Giants. Based on this we have to call the Patriots the Foxburrow Patriots and the Bills the Orchard Park Bills. How bout the Arlington Rangers in baseball? The list goes on and on.

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Many states have a city named Washington. For example, Illinois has a city called Washington.

How many states have NHL teams?

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How many football teams end in city?

In the 2009/10 season there are 13 teams that end in the word city.

How many state capitals are named after US Presidents?

Jackson, MississippiJefferson City, MissouriLincoln, NebraskaMadison, Wisconsin

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In the NFL, there are four teams named after cats. The Cinncinati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Vancouver is a city in Washington State. It is the only city in the United States with the name Vancouver.

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Washington was named after our first president, George Washington. Although he was the only president to have a state named for him, many cities have been named after other presidents (Lincoln, Nebraska/Jackson City, Missouri/Madison, Wisconsin/etc)