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Joe Montana has 16 wins in the playoffs

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Q: How many NFL playoffs wins did Joe Montana have?
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How many super bowl wins does Joe Montana have?


How many Super Bowl wins for Joe Montana?


How many wins does Joe Montana have on Dallas Cowboys?


How many Super Bowl joe Montana wins?


How many Super Bowl wins does Joe Montana?


How many super bowls the Miami Dolphins win with Joe Montana?

The Dolphins were never defeated with Joe Montana as quarterback, regular season or playoffs. This was due to the fact that Montana never played for the Dolphins.

Who has the most touchdown passes in the playoffs?

Joe Montana 45

How many NFL quarterbacks have 4 Super Bowl wins?

Joe Montana has 5

Who has the most wins in the MLB playoffs as a manager?

Joe Torre with 84.

How many times has Joe Montana been to the Super Bowl?

Four times - all wins.

What NFL quarterback has the most wins on Monday Night Football?

Joe Montana

Which NFL quarterback has the most career play off wins?

Joe Montana with 16 playoff wins.

Which quaterback has the most super bowl wins?

Joe Montana 4

Who has more super bowl wins as a quarterback?

I think it was Joe Montana

What nfl quarterback has the most home playoff wins?

Joe Montana

What quaterback has the most super bowl wins?

Terry Bradshaw, and Joe Montana each have 4 superbowl wins.

How many super bowl wins joe Montana have?

Four. He was the winning quarterback in Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII and XXIV.

How many touchdown passes did Joe Montana have before the catch?

39. He had 35 in the 1979-81 regular seasons and four in the playoffs before the last-minute touchdown to Dwight Clark. It was Montana's 40th touchdown of his career to that point.

What quarterbacks have four Super Bowl wins?

Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana

Quaterback with most super bowl wins?

Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana.

Joe Montana super bowl wins?


Who are the quarterbacks that have four Super Bowl wins?

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw.

How many rings does joe Montana have?

joe Montana has 4 rings

How many come from behind victories does joe Montana have?

Joe Montana was the comeback king in his years with the San Francisco 49ers and with the Kansas City. With spectacular performances in the regular season and the Super Bowl. In his career, Joe Montana has 31 comebacks in the 4th quarter, and three comebacks out of four of his Super Bowl wins. By Peter at and PETERtheGREAT22 in Xbox Live

Who the Quarter Back with the most Super Bowl Wins?

Terry bradshaw,joe Montana