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all of them,its a rule

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Q: How many NFL players wear mouth guards?
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Do NBA players wear mouth guards?


Do rugby league players wear mouth guards?

You don't have to, it's not a rule. but many player do, to protect their teeth.

What are health and safety regulations in football?

There are many health and safety regulations in football. Players are required to wear a cup, helmet and mouth guards.

Do basketball players wear mouth guards?

Yes they do because some of these basketball players may be elbowed or hit not considering that their teeth could break

Do professional rugby union players wear mouth guards?

Yes the certainly do. Not all as the wearing of a "gum sheild"is not mandatory

Why do soccer players not wear shin guards?

They all have to wear them.

Does basketball players wear shin guards?

No, in basketball players do not wear shin guards. Some leaugues do require knee pads though.

What do field hockey players wear?

Most field hockey players just wear cleats, shin guards and a mouth guard.The goalie wears MUCH more (and we ALL love it dearly).

Do you have to wear mouth guards in AFL?

I did when I played it is always good to wear a mouth guard some of my team mats didn't but when you get tackled in can hurt and the other players might punch you or hit you in the mouth on accident so I really recommend wearing a mouth guard.

What year did mouth guards become legal in boxing?

Since 1850 you've had to wear a mouth guards in boxing matches

Do pro soccer platers wear shin guards?

Yes, many professional soccer players wear shin guards. You can see these guards during the soccer games on television, and they are often worn under the socks.

Do football players wear urine guards?

can't get enough

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